About Us

If you know anything about babies, you understand the need for humor and support to survive the impact of the initial months - year of parenting. This realization is what sparked the beginning of One'der Years and inspires the product, information and services we plan to offer.

One’der Years is a baby lifestyle company that is rooted in reminding parents to find the fun in their parenting journey, especially during the first year. We are not here to tell you how to raise your child; rather, how to laugh about your parenting failures and accomplishments and most of all yourself.

The products of our themed collections allow you to explore all facets of the parenthood journey, and give a voice to babies, kids and adults. The first collection, Resting Baby Face™, is dedicated to all the babies that were told to smile when they just wanted to be.

We thank you for your support.

With Love,

Abenet and Devin


Now, you're probably wondering about the Duck. Abenet’s son Selassie was fondly nicknamed Duckie, which was also one of his first words and inspired his first costume. Also, who doesn’t love a beautiful baby dressed as a duck?